A revolution in horse care
Technology to make your horse happier and healthier
Jesper! I have been waiting and waiting and waiting to really give you an honest review of iFeed....   

I LOVE IT!!!   

Set up was so easy, we were shocked. The system is amazing and makes complete sense. Thank you so much for getting all the settings dialed in. It was pretty much mount, set the clock, and plug it in!   

Everything has changed...everything! My stallion was so food driven before, he would gun 6 lbs of grain and bang on the walls for something more everyday. If he heard a human, any human, he would bang his front foot on the stall door until some poor soul would give him a treat, only making him that much worse. I used to have to cross tie him mid day, just to keep him from banging. We tree everything, spacing out feedings, hanging a slow feed hay bag, even one of those stall toys that lets out a little grain when he plays with it. Nothing helped. I was a little skeptical of how much the iFeed would help us, but I had no idea it would completely eliminate that food driven behavior. 

My stallion now hangs out, no banging, no nervous behavior, no begging people for food/treats/attention. He is quiet, calm, and even a little lazy to make it to his feeder when it cycles on. His consumption has lessened, and he is not going through near as much hay. I used to fill his hay bag 4 times a day...I'm down to 2 times now and he wastes nothing.  His whole body has transformed. He is utilizing his feed better and filling in his top line like I have never seen before. He has always carried weight in his shoulder and chest, but he is very balanced and I can see huge differences in what he should have always looked like. It truly is amazing! 

I have now used the system for 6 months, and I am sold! I am going to try to outfit my entire barn. I think the benefits are limitless, and feeding broodmares and foals, who are constantly growing...I would LOVE to see how it benefits them.  We are on board 100% and would love to help spread the word. I'm so glad I purchased iFeed and thank you so much for all your help and guidance. 

Please let me know how we can help. We love iFeed!!! More people should own the system and see for themselves! 

Thanks so much! 
Still using a scoop to feed your horse?
How we are currently feeding our horses is the single biggest contributor to the health issues horses suffer today. Colic and ulcers are rarely found in horses that are fed properly. With iFEED you are able to implement the proper feed management for your horses that will prevent many of the painful afflictions horses suffer when fed incorrectly. Feeding many small portions throughout the day and night, your horse is able to improve the digestion of the feed and increase the nutritional uptake, all while improving the digestive health and combat ulcers and colic. When you want the very best for your horse, use iFEED.
Why is iFEED Natural?
In nature and when given the choice, horses will graze 18-20 hours a day and will never have a full stomach or an empty stomach. As grazing animals their stomachs produce hydrochloric acid 24/7 (as opposed to humans who only produce acid when food reaches the stomach). Saliva is acid neutralizing and horses will only produce saliva when they chew.

With iFEED and the flexibility to feed up to 720 small portions over the course of 24 hours, our horses will have the opportunity to digest many small meals like they would when grazing in a pasture. This produces the acid neutralizing saliva that ensures a healthy digestive system and helps prevent ulcers as well as many other digestive disorders that are found in the majority of horses with minimal turnout. Unlike many other feeders on the market, iFEED gives you the ability to return your horse to as natural conditions as possible. Let your horse eat like a horse, the way nature intended.
Proper digestive health means:
* Higher, more consistent performance
* Quicker recovery from stress or injury
* Better appearance

Regardless of the feed you use today, regardless of your horses’ workload, stress level or nutritional status, iFEED will complement and enhance their nutritional program.
Stomach Ulcers are more common than you might think
Ulcers rob performance and health from our horses and are often why our horses show signs of anxiety and bad behavior. In a natural grazing situation, horses are able to combat the acid in their stomach throughout the day. But the horses you love are probably not constantly grazing which is why iFEED was developed to mimic the natural grazing environment. According to studies, simply feeding many small meals during the day will help alleviate ulcers. We recommend 10-12 feedings per day. Why not prevent ulcers rather than having to cure them?
Save Time & Money
Feed when and as often as it is convenient for you and your horse, even when you cannot be there to do it yourself. Save time and labor by letting iFEED feed your horses on time, every time. Enjoy the savings in feed that trickle feeding offers through a more efficient digestion of the food and a proper nutritional uptake. Up to 30% savings in feed thanks to multiple small consistent and timed portions.
The iFEED Advantage
By using an iFEED you are now able to prevent your horse from bolting its feed. Serving many small meals slowly, up to 720 portions in 24 hours, your horse now eats the way nature intended. Is your horse a messy eater? Using a normal feed tub the average feed waste is approx. 10%. With an iFEED the many small meals served slowly, help avoid wasted feed.
“In my opinion iFEED is the invention of the millennium in horse care and horsemanship”
— Kolding Stallion Center, Denmark