Colic Prevention in Horses: Easier Than You Think

Colic Prevention in Horses: Easier Than You Think

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As horse owners we know the pain and struggle that our horses can endure due to unhealthy grazing habits. Unfortunately, unless we don’t have any other responsibilities it is very complicated for us as horse owners to assist in mimicking their natural grazing behavior. This would require us to be constantly feeding them small portions probably dozens or hundreds of time during the day. This natural grazing behavior allows colic prevention in horses.

However, as mentioned before, it is hard for us as owners to feed them more than a few times a day. iFEED has created an automatic feed dispenser that can assist in the colic prevention in horses. The way that iFEED works is like any other dispenser, you fill it with your horse’s feed. You are able to then set up the desired portion size as well as the recurrence of the feeding time. This assists greatly in colic prevention in horses and also saves a lot of potential medical expenses.

iFEED has been in business since 1995 and with over 20 years of a passion for healthy horses, our iFEED automatic food dispenser has become essential for a horses healthy living. iFEED dispensers not only provide colic prevention in horses but they also save you, the owner, time, money and feed.

Horse owners who have an iFEED dispenser notice a 30% decrease in feed expenses because the horse is eating constantly while maintaining a healthy shape. The dispenser provides gastric ulcer and colic prevention in horses and therefore minimizes the costs of veterinary bills. Medication can range in the hundreds not counting the consultation. The iFEED dispenser can save you time because you no longer have to constantly come to the stall to feed the horse.

Help prevent painful gastric ulcers and colic on your horse by purchasing your iFEED food dispenser today. Hear some of our success stories to find out more about other customers who are happy with their purchase.

Colic Prevention in Horses: Easier Than You Think

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