Easy Method of Preventing Colic in Horses

Easy Method of Preventing Colic in Horses

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Colic is a digestive affliction that is unfortunately fairly common among horses. It is typically caused by some sort of intestinal obstruction or gas build up. Cases can range from simply causing mild discomfort to being painful and life threatening. If you suspect your horse has colic, it is best to seek immediate treatment.

Since colic is a dangerous affliction and expensive to treat, it is a good idea to be educated on preventing colic in horses and what causes it in the first place. One of the major causes of colic is the horse’s diet. Horses are creatures that are meant to graze. They are meant to have a constant intake of food throughout the day, and their digestive systems are built to accommodate that. When horses are in a barn eating out of a trough or feeder, they are consuming a large amount of food at once, followed by a long period of no food as they wait for their next meal. Horses are not meant to eat in this way, so it can lead to all sorts of digestive problems, such as colic and ulcers. Fortunately, there are easy ways to go about preventing colic in horses.

One of the best methods for preventing colic in horses is simply allowing them to eat in a way that resembles their natural eating habits. The best way to do this is with an iFEED automatic feeder. Our feeders are designed to distribute small amounts of food on a timer set by you. This way, your horse will have a steady intake of food throughout the day, and can eat in a way that works with its digestive system. iFEED feeders are proven to be effective in preventing colic in horses. If you are interested in one of our feeders, contact us or visit our website today!

Easy Method of Preventing Colic in Horses

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