How To Prevent Equine Ulcers

How To Prevent Equine Ulcers

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Prevent equine ulcers with an iFEED automatic feeder!

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If you own a horse, you are probably aware that equine ulcers are an all too common problem. Whether one of your horses has been afflicted with one or you have heard stories from other horse owners, you are probably well aware that it’s a big issue. Here is a shocking statistic: between 50% and 90% of horses experience ulcers at some point in their life, depending on the populations surveyed. With equine ulcers being such a common problem, it is important you take steps to prevent them as a horse owner. To prevent them however, you must first understand why the affliction is so common.

Horses are creatures that are meant to graze. If your horse is out in the field, you will notice it spends most of its time doing so. This is how they are meant to eat. Since horses are naturally supposed to spend a large portion of the day eating small amounts of food, their stomachs produce acid almost constantly. Normally, the food and saliva helps to neutralize stomach acid. When a horse is in a barn and gets fed large portions 2-3 times a day, there is nothing to neutralize the stomach acid for the remainder of the day, which can cause ulcers as time goes by.

As you can see, a major cause of equine ulcers is eating schedules. Unfortunately, it is unreasonable to be out feeding your horse small portions 20 times a day. That’s why we decided to develop a feeder that could do it for you. Our iFEED automatic feeders are designed to prevent equine ulcers by releasing small portions of food on a timer set by you. This allows the horse to receive its food throughout the day rather than in 2-3 meals, keeping its stomach acid neutralized. Horses with our feeders experience 70% less ulcers. That’s a big difference! So if you are interested in preventing equine ulcers, visit our website and learn more about how iFEED can help your horse.

How To Prevent Equine Ulcers

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