How To Spot Equine Ulcers Behavior Changes

How To Spot Equine Ulcers Behavior Changes

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Read to understand how ulcers change your horse’s behavior and how to prevent them

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As a horse owner, you probably know that ulcers are a far too common problem. If you own multiple horses or have owned more in the past, odds are that you’ve had to deal with ulcers in your hooved friends. Whether you’ve dealt with horse ulcers or haven’t, it is important to understand equine ulcers behavior changes that are often symptoms.

If your horse is afflicted with an ulcer, its behavior will usually change. A common equine ulcers behavior is fasting. Ulcers may cause your horse to lose its appetite, resulting in it not eating for long periods, if at all. Other behavior changes can include lying down often, poor performance, and attitude changes. When you notice an equine ulcer behavior, it is important to contact a vet before the affliction worsens.

If you have noticed these equine ulcers behavior changes and want to prevent future ulcers, there is an easy way. One of the main causes of equine ulcers is your horse’s eating schedule. It’s no secret that horses are grazing creatures. They are meant to spend most of the day out in the field grazing, and their stomachs are built for it. Equine stomachs produce acid almost constantly, and rely on a constant intake of food to keep it neutralized. If your horse is in a barn, it can be difficult to feed it in a way that works with its natural biology. It is unreasonable to go out and feed all your horses small portions 20 times a day. That’s why we designed a feeder that does it for you.

iFEED automatic feeders are the best way to prevent ulcers in your horse. It distributes small portions of feed many times a day on a timer set by you. This allows your horse to have an intake of food throughout the day, allowing it to eat in a way that naturally works with its digestive system. If you have noticed equine ulcers behavior changes and want to prevent further ulcers, our feeders are for you. Visit our website to learn more about the difference iFEED makes.

How To Spot Equine Ulcers Behavior Changes

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