Natural Ulcer Prevention For Horses

Natural Ulcer Prevention For Horses

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If you own a horse, you probably know that ulcers are far too common of a problem. Talk to any other horse owner, and they will likely have at least one ulcer story. Sure, there are plenty of supplements and special feeds out there, but these fail to address the cause of the problem. The best treatment for horse ulcers is to prevent them from happening in the first place. But just what causes ulcers in our hooved friends? What is the best way for ulcer prevention for horses? The answer lies in the animal’s biology.

It’s no secret that horses love to graze. Take a drive through the countryside, and you will probably see a field full of horses eating. If you like to ride your horse through trails, you’ve probably been frustrated before at how often they want to stop and eat the grass. Horses need to graze. It is how their digestive system is designed. Horses only produce saliva when they eat, which is an important part of neutralizing their stomach acid, which they produce all day. When horses eat large portions once or twice a day, it is very hard on their stomach. Because they aren’t making saliva, their acid can begin to give them problems. It’s easy to see the answer to ulcer prevention for horses lies in their eating patterns.

Unfortunately, it is difficult for horses to eat in a way that resembles grazing if they have to stay in a barn. That’s why we designed a feeder with the goal of ulcer prevention for horses. Our feeders distribute small portions in timed intervals set by you. This allows them to eat in a way that works with their natural digestive system. When it comes to ulcer prevention for horses, iFEED feeders are the way to go. Our feeders are proven to reduce ulcers by 70%! Check out our success stories to hear how iFEED has helped horses all around the country! If you are looking to prevent ulcers for horses, try an iFEED feeder!

Natural Ulcer Prevention For Horses

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