Prevent horse colic symptoms

Prevent horse colic symptoms

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Has your horse been acting differently lately? Has your horse shown signs of restlessness, sweating, irritation and kicking to the stomach, maybe even rolling or stretching as if to urinate? These could be horse colic symptoms caused by the way it has been fed.

It is a common misconception that horses should be fed a few times a day in large quantities. The correct way to feed horses in order to avoid horse colic symptoms is to try your best to imitate their grazing feeding habits. This is why they should be fed multiple times a day in small quantities. The smaller portions will help avoid gastric ulcers that are created in your horse and cause horse colic symptoms.

Automatic feeders are a great way to feed your horse and to avoid gastric ulcers from occurring. iFEED automatic feeders have been so helpful to customers not only in saving medical costs but in lowering the amount of feed being wasted, as well saving the amount of time that the owner has to travel or spend getting feed. Horse colic symptoms are very painful and can be very costly. iFEED automatic feeders are not meant to cure your horses gastric ulcers but prevent the disease from even starting in the first place.

iFEED has been in business for a little over 20 years and has been working to perfect the automatic feeder and make it reliable and helpful for the customer. Our passion for helping horses avoid getting gastric ulcers has led us to help others keep their horses safe as well. Remember that common horse colic symptoms include signs of distress and uncomfortability.

Take a look at our gallery to see how the feeder works and what it is. Not convinced yet about making the investment? Just read some of our great testimonials to see why people are finding this to be the best investment they could have made for their horses.

Prevent horse colic symptoms

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