Saving Time and Money With an Auto Horse Feeder

Saving Time and Money With an Auto Horse Feeder

iFEED Automatic Horse Feeders

Save time and money with the iFeed automatic food dispenser.


Owning an adult horse can be very rewarding, they provide great exercise, help ease the mind and are very beautiful creatures. Unfortunately, if you own a horse you are aware of the danger that comes from gastric ulcers. Gastric ulcers are fairly common in adult horses who don’t have the chance to have a grazing feeding habit.

iFEED provides a solution, an auto horse feeder that can turn your three large scoops into dozens or even hundreds of smaller feed portions to mimic a horse’s natural grazing behavior! This auto horse feeder can be set up to dispense food in the portion size you desire as well as dispense as often as you’d like.

As adults, we have responsibilities such as work, family, and the community. We can’t attend to our horses all day how they are meant to. The lack of grazing that they do by being in a stall impacts their digestive system in such a negative and expensive way. iFEED’s auto horse feeder can help you save not only time, but money and feed as well. Clients have noticed a 30% reduction in feed cost not to mention the costs saved from veterinary clinics. Since the auto horse feeder feeds the horse at designated times, you as the owner don’t have to be with your horse all day to mimic grazing feeding behavior.

The purpose of an iFEED auto horse feeder is not only to mimic grazing behavior or to treat a disease. The auto horse feeder is intended to prevent a disease and provide efficiency. As horse owners there is more work to maintaining a healthy horse than just feeding them, providing healthy exercise and a clean stall all require time and attention that can’t be directed towards just feeding them.

Purchase your iFEED auto horse feeder today to have more efficient time with your horse. Start saving time, money and feed today with a purchase.

Saving Time and Money With an Auto Horse Feeder

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