The Best Equine Feeders

The Best Equine Feeders

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Did you know that gastric ulcers in horses are a very common ailment? They are one of the top cases seen at veterinary clinics concerning horses. The main reason for this is because of the feeding habits the horses have received. It is unknown to many horse owners, but the feeding habits of a horse should mimic that of grazing which is small portions multiple times a day. Equine feeders or automatic feeders use today’s technology to not only tackle this disease but help prevent it.

Our equine feeders are designed to mimic the way that horses feed by providing small portions of food at equal time intervals. This mimics the action of grazing by sparsing out the food throughout the day for the horse to enjoy.

There are multiple benefits to our equine feeders, they prevent the amount of gastric ulcers that can occur and in turn lower costs in veterinary bills. They also help reduce cost in feed because it is well managed by the machine so there is less waste. Overall, customers notice about a 30% cost reduction in horse maintenance while using one of the iFEED equine feeders. Lastly they also help reduce the amount of time spent by the owner on taking care of the horse.

iFEED has been in business for over 20 years, and have become the leading experts in automatic feeders for horses. Their equine feeders are not only meant for horses however, they can be used for cattle, pigs and other animals that eat feed. These iFEED automatic feed dispensers can be used in almost any stable. They are being used by horse lovers everywhere who want to ensure that their horses are being fed in the best way possible. Read some of our customer testimonials to see just how effective our equine feeders are.

The Best Equine Feeders

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