Wall Mount Horse Feeder

Wall Mount Horse Feeder

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Horses are strong creatures, but their digestive systems are delicate. We can often times unknowingly hurt them by feeding them too much at once. A horse grazes for food and therefore when they eat large portions of feed in the morning and evening their digestive system gets confused and causes gastric ulcers to form. Gastric ulcers are very painful for horses and are an unnecessary and preventable expense on your wallet.

Many people however don’t have the time to go feed their horse small portions anywhere from 20 times a day. This is where an automatic wall mount horse feeder comes in handy. iFEED can provide you with a high quality working automatic wall mount horse feeder. You can set it up to deliver small portions of feed multiple times a day. This saves you money and time! How? iFEED users report having a 30% decrease in feed waste as well as a 50% decrease in colic pain and 70% decrease in ulcers. This means less money spent on veterinary bills and feed.

Purchase your automatic wall mount horse feeder today to start having stronger, happier and healthier horses. A stronger and happier horse will bring you more profit if you have horses for business. Overall, a automatic wall mount horse feeder will be the best investment you could do for this animal. It is easy to set up and is being used all over the world. iFEED has been in business for over 20 years, and our passion to helping horses be healthy and strong is what has driven us with our automatic wall mount horse feeder. It allows for easy access to refill and a great way to feed your horse. Don’t just treat a disease, prevent it. Purchase your wall mount horse feeder from iFEED today!

Wall Mount Horse Feeder

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