iFEED Automatic Horse Feeders

Need horse feeders for stalls? Then iFEED should be your one stop shop for all your feeding needs. Our feeders can be placed in your stalls allowing for easy access by your horses, making sure that they have food available. Not only does this offer you the ability to automatically feed your horses without having to do it manually, our system also ensure that you save time and money while doing so. Our horse feeders for stalls are capable of serving up to 720 small portions over a 24 hour period. Our feeders are extremely cost and time efficient while reducing waste that normally occurs during the conventional feeding process.

By using iFEED horse feeders for stalls, you are also taking a special interest in your horse’s health by using this healthier feeding alternative. Our automatic horse feeders for stalls offer a more natural eating cycle for your horse. Rather than having your horses eat large meals multiple times a day, they can eat small portions at a time while taking in a balanced nutritional system of food. Since horses in the wild graze pretty much all day long and into the night they never have a totally full or totally empty stomach, but they sustain a comfortable level in which they never find themselves extremely hungry or uncomfortably full. iFEED’s automatic horse feeders re-create the system of feeding in the wild to keep your horses healthy.

Having our iFEED, automatic horse feeders for stalls will let you rest easy knowing that your horses are being fed on a systematic, routine and consistent basis, making sure your horses are always comfortable and taking in healthy portions of feed all day long. Our horse feeders for stalls are a much better alternative to the traditional or conventional systems for feeding. By eliminating the waste that can build up in the bottom of traditional feeders, the horse feeders for stalls keeps your horses eating only what is good for them. If you’re in the market for automatic horse feeders for stalls, iFEED is the place for you!

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