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The iFEED starter pack includes everything needed to get started on the system.

1 iFEED unit.
1 power supply/timer which can operate up to 16 iFEED units.
1 funnel of your choice. (10.5” long polypropylene funnel or 8.5” short polypropylene funnel) * The stainless steel funnel is recommended when the feeder is installed inside the stall. This helps protect the lever at the bottom of the hopper.

When placing an order, please specify which type of stall front the unit will be mounted on. (Vertical bars, horizontal bars, mesh or wood?) This helps us determine the type of hardware needed for proper installation of the iFEED unit.

The unit comes pre-wired with 14 feet of wire unless a different length is specified.

The iFEED is installed on the outside of the stall for easy access. Please specify installation hardware needed in the drop down box above.

Installment options:
Install iFEED with a slant back trough (not included) protruding through the wall to guide feed into the trough. This option requires a hole be cut in the stall wall.
Install iFEED using the funnel (long or short version) to guide the feed into the feed bucket through the stalls bars. (Fits through most standard bars). Our straight back trough works well in this configuration.

This iFEED unit is installed on the inside of the stall wall/bars. Available in charcoal and white.

Please specify horizontal or vertical bars.

Power supply/timer sold separately.

We highly recommend using the iFEED stainless steel funnel in this configuration.

This prevents your horse from gaining access to the lever at the bottom of the feed dispenser.

The iFEED straight back trough is optional but highly recommended to reduce feed spill.

The straight back trough is a great fit for all barns.

Popular ergonomic design allows horses to eat in a more natural position.

The slant back trough is the ideal installation when the feed hopper is mounted on the outside of the stall front.

The slanted back guides feed into the trough inside the stall from the outside mounted hopper. No additional funnels needed.

Both models feature easy-to-clean smooth edges.

Made from safe and durable food-grade polypropylene.

Straight back trough: 15.5” wide x 13” deep (front to back) x 17” tall

Slant back trough: 15.5” wide x 13” deep (front to back) + additional 6” for slant x 15.5” tall (incl. slant)

Available in light gray and charcoal.

Please note that the stainless steel funnel is used only for inside the stall installations.

Please refer to the user’s guide for details on how to operate the power supply and timer.

iFEED (1) One Stall Starter Pack $495.00


iFEED Outside Stall Installation $455.00


iFEED Inside Stall Installation $455.00


iFEED Funnel $19.50


iFEED Trough $47.50


Power Supply & Timer $60.00


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